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_Committed Lawyers

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_Who we are

The law firm Raskovsky & Asociados - Abogados (R&A) was established by Dr. Luis Ernesto Raskovsky, over 25 years ago and has built up a team of lawyers and other professionals to provide legal and consulting services to companies and non-governmental organizations.

At R&A we put ethics, morality, honesty, humility and making a difference at the forefront of all our actions, in both our professional and personal lives.

We consider ourselves to be an instrument for conflict resolution such that a win/win solution is an achievable reality for our clients.

The way we live and act differentiates us from others:

Our values mean that we are focused on others, our client's needs as well as the needs of society.

We encourage our people to actively contribute in their communities.

We are committed to contributing to the environment in which we live and work.

We are creative, innovative, flexible and proactive.

At R&A we listen to our clients and create personalized strategies to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, speed up judiciary times, avoid conflict, and above all, obtain results.

We are R&A. We are lawyers. We are dedicated.


_What differentiates us?

  • _
  • _
    to the community.
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    to the environment.

Our Values

At R&A we are committed to reducing conflict, maintain social peace, and be an instrument to make our client's lives easier, less stressful and more successful.

We are dedicated professionals that listen first and then act and aim to resolve conflicts and obtain results so that everyone wins. We promote our client's development as well as that of our communities'.

At R&A we practice our profession seriously, honestly and respect all required laws and ethical parameters. We are guided by our focus on others, in giving and contributing, looking out for those who put their trust in us.

At R&A we are committed to change and making change happen.

_Commitment to the community.

At R&A we seek to build a fairer and more equitable society and in doing so reduce conflict.

We strongly encourage our people to get involved with their communities because we regard society as a whole as something organic which needs all its members to win in order for the whole to succeed.

We are dedicated to contributing as a way of life, to give and to understand that we are all the same and that we need one another.

At R&A we are committed to our communities.

_Commitment to the environment

At R&A we are committed to creating a sustainable environment.

In order to do so, we invest in technologies that save energy and aim to use eco-friendly products, therefore reducing our impact on the environment.

We recycle most of the paper that we use, and we print our documents double-sided. We discourage the use of paper wherever possible and aim to digitalize all our documentation as much as possible.

At R&A we are committed to actively caring for the environment in which we live and work. Each and every one of us at R&A shares this commitment.

_Committed Lawyers


_Commited to
Good Practices.


_What we do

  • _Antitrust and regulation of internal trade
  • _Intellectual property
  • _Business Criminal Law


  • Audit work. Development of labor policy.
  • Employment contracts, including scholarships and internships.
  • Analysis of wage policy. Compensation structure and benefits management.
  • Work organization. Working day system; breaks and franks. Teamwork. Rotating shifts.
  • Disciplinary system. Suspensions. Sanctions.
  • Changing working conditions. Evaluation of "acquired rights" for workers.
  • Adaptation of the original conditions of employment.
  • Termination of employment relations. Layoffs. Accident leave.
  • Contractors. Corporate responsibility. Control and monitoring.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. Labor issues.
  • Reorganization and restructuring. Layoffs, voluntary retirement plans, crisis prevention programs. Union issues.
  • Relations with the Department for work at both national and the Buenos Aires province level.

  • Internal audit. State of affairs. Determination of corporate union policy.
  • Relationship with delegates and internal committees.
  • Relationship with unions and federations.


_Sport Law

  • Comprehensive advice of sports entities.
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts for National or International transfers of athletes.
  • Drafting and negotiation of sports work contracts.
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts for the exploitation of audiovisual rights and image rights of athletes, clubs, professional leagues and federations.
  • Strategic planning and exploitation of trademark rights. Protection, custody and defense. Advertising, franchises and merchandising.
  • Regime of amateur athletes.
  • Claims for Training Compensation and the Solidarity Mechanism at the national level (Law 27.211 and AFA Bulletin No. 5551) as at the international level (F.I.F.A / T.A.S)
  • Representation of Clubs, Players, Agents, Intermediaries, Technical Directors, Federations, Associations and Professional Leagues in all types of procedures, whether disciplinary, federative, arbitral or judicial, both at National or International level.
  • Representation of Players and / or Clubs in proceedings before the National Anti-Doping Commission Law 26.912, the A.F.A, F.I.F.A, CONMEBOL and before the Court of Arbitration for Sport TAS / CAS.
  • Drafting and readjustment of statutes of sports federations, clubs and / or Professional Leagues according to the provisions in force imposed and regulated by the International Sports Federations.
  • Advice on the acquisition and / or management of sports entities, as well as on the restructuring of liabilities.
  • Advice and management of fatal processes. Special Regime of Administration of Sports Entities with economic difficulties. Law 25.284.



  • Inward investments by foreign investors, including private equity funds.
  • Outward investments by Argentine investors.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Due diligence audits.
  • Planning and structuring of joint ventures.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Governmental approvals and regulatory requirements.
  • Acquisitions through bidding processes.
  • Restructurings and spin-offs.
  • General corporate representation for public and private corporations.
  • Corporate dispute resolution.



  • Advice on bankruptcy and creditors’ rights.
  • Representation of creditors in the proof of claim of outstanding debts and the different stages of the restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings including the participation in committees of creditors; litigation related to insolvency proceedings; purchases of failed companies; executions of guarantees.
  • Representation of creditors and bond holders, lenders and issuers, trustees and financial advisers/commercial agents in out-of-court restructurings, out-of-court preventive settlements and in debt swap agreements.
  • Negotiation of corporate debt, including advice in court and out-of-court restructuring proceedings.
  • Preparation of payment offer prospectuses and regulatory consent forms.



  • Advice and drafting of legal instruments required for the establishment of enterprises and their implementation. Start-ups. Enterprises. Entrepreneurs.
  • International negotiation of contracts.
  • Design and on-going review of franchises and brand representation. Franchise development.
  • Planning and drafting of commercial contracts of various kinds.



  • Legal assistance in environmental matters and health and safety at work.
  • Environmental audits. Determination of liabilities. Due diligence.
  • Assessment of liability for environmental damage.
  • Consulting environmental law. Analysis and establishment of legal parent. Compliance.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Implementation of environmental management systems. Obtaining certification, permits, licenses and certificates.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Environmental insurance.
  • Criminal complaints for environmental damage.
  • Representation with enforcement authorities. ACUMAR, ADA, SAyDS, OPDS, and others.
  • Analysis of highly complex environmental cases. Preventive measures.
  • Representation before the Supreme Court for reasons of environmental law. Public hearings.



Advice on general matters connected to administrative law and economic regulation

  • Advice and representation in administrative hiring procedures (public biddings).
  • Advice to companies subject to an intense regulation of its activities (public utilities). Representation before regulatory authorities.
  • Advice on urbanism matters and protection of the cultural heritage.


_Antitrust and regulation of internal trade

Antitrust LAW:
  • General and preventive advice on anti-trust practices or conducts forbidden by Act 25,156 (unilateral practices or exclusive group of markets and/or groups for impeding entry of third party competitors, agreements with binding features, fixing of predatory prices, price discrimination, abuse of dominant position, exclusionary or exploitary practices).
  • Advice and representation on pre-merger control procedures before the regulatory authorities of Act 25,156.
  • Company advice and representation in administrative or judicial processes due to the investigation of cartels and anti-trust practices.

Internal trade:
  • Consumer defenses.
  • Antitrust and unfair competition.
  • Law of supplys.
  • Specific regulations applicable to economy sectorss.


_Intellectual property

Patents, utility models and industrial designss
  • Analysis of patentability and background search.
  • Drafting of patents and utility models.
  • Processing of applications for patents and utility models. Monitoring and observations.
  • Contracts confidentiality, recognition of rights, assignment and licensing.
  • Preparation of plans and strategies for R & D and patents to companies.
  • Free Marketing Reports (FTO).
  • Protection against violations: Precautionary measures, actions cease operating.

  • Background searches and classification of products and services.
  • Processing of applications for trademark registration, renewal and transfer.
  • Monitoring and competitions.
  • Monitoring Internet deals counterfeit products (& take-down notice).
  • Assignment contracts, licenses, franchises, etc..
  • Statutory audits (due diligence).
  • Protection against violations: Precautionary measures, actions for cessation of use.

Copyright and Related Rights:
  • Protection of artistic, musical, literary, design, advertising, journalistic, scientific and Software.
  • Registration of periodicals and websites.
  • Personal image and privacy.
  • Rights of performers.
  • Contract of assignment, licensing, publishing, representation.
  • Protection against copyright violations:

  • Precautionary measures (searches, seizure, attachment, order of cessation of use) in civil and criminal courts.
  • Customs procedures and border measures.
  • Monitoring Internet deals counterfeit products (& take-down notice).



  • Negotiation and drafting international franchising and licensing agreements.
  • Registration of technology transfer agreements including license agreements involving patents, trademarks, design registrations, technical assistance and know-how.



  • Registration and recovery of domain names.
  • Advising on use of music in Internet, screen savers, ringtones and new digital media.
  • Drafting terms and conditions of web-sites.
  • E-commerce and internet-related issues.
  • Advising, registration and protection of Data Bases.
  • Computer-related contracts; hardware contracts, software licensing, development and maintenance agreements and outsourcing contracts.



1) Incorporation:
  • Analysis and management of the output of founder / s of your work or previous project.
  • Analysis of risks and legal implications of the project.
  • Corporate structure.
  • Founders agreement.
  • Non Disclosure Agreements and privacy policy.
  • Intellectual property (trademark / patent / utility model / copyrights, etc.):
    • Report patentability.
    • Brand Availability Report.
    • Assembling the strategy to protect the idea or brand. Interaction with the Business Plan.

2) IP protection
  • Trademark. Monitoring and surveillance.
  • Register of patent / utility model. Monitoring and surveillance.
  • Copyright Registration. Monitoring and surveillance.
  • Free to operate Report (FTO).

3) Relations with others
  • Analysis of the contractual structure.
  • Contracts with suppliers / services.
  • Customer contracts.
  • Commercial Contracts (online commerce, computer, mobile, etc.).
  • Others.

4) Labour Relations
  • Design strategy for recruitment.
  • Armed contracts.
  • Design plan benefits and compensation structure.
  • Armed with bundles.
  • Arming Code of Ethics.
  • Management of labor and trade union conflicts.

5) Funding
  • Analysis and planning the type of financing you need. Evaluation of different scenarios (seed capital, venture capital grow capital private equity).
  • Evaluation of the business plan. Arming the business plan does not exist.
  • Assistance in building the Executive Summary.
  • Tax planning.
  • Pre-money valuation of the project.
  • Preparation of letter of intent.
  • Armed contract of sale of shares / subscription agreement.
  • Agreement shareholders / investors.
  • Modifications social status.
  • Accompaniment throughout the process of negotiations.

6) Optional for all modules
  • Support in decision making.
  • Support in meetings and negotiations.
  • Participation in board meetings.
  • Care Unlimited consultation hours.


_Business Criminal Law

  • Frauds and scams.
  • Corporate fraud.
  • Cybercrime and piracy.
  • Exchange criminal regime.
  • Prevention of money laundering.
  • Criminal law and social security tax.
  • Customs criminal law.
  • Environmental Criminal Offences.
  • Criminal law trademark.
  • Competition.
  • Property crimes.
  • Extradition and international criminal law.
  • Criminal law generally.
  • Criminal procedure.


_Committed to


_In your shoes

R&A understand your needs. We have been in your shoes and can help anticipate your needs. We were, are and continue to be entrepreneurs ourselves and we are with you every step of the way.

_Committed in all aspects

R&A are more than lawyers. We work with professionals and specialists in different fields, to complement our knowledge and provide key insights to your businesses.


R&A proactively identify risks. We work on complex scenarios to reduce error margins and help make your business a success. We look to provide answers to your future questions.

_In partnership

R&A walk with you. We will advise and guide every step you take. We want you to be able to make sound, robust and confident decisions and we are committed to supporting you.

_Action = Results

R&A want your ideas to turn into results. We want your ideas to grow, develop and succeed and we are willing to grow with you. We are willing to bet on the future, we bet on creativity.

_We believe

R&A believe in you. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and so we know what each step made means to our clients and we enjoy being part of others' successes. We believe in entrepreneurs because we are, and will always be, one of you.

_Commited to
your needs.

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